Rules for Free & VIP.

Check Link:

All users must check their links before Posting.

1 Link every 3 Minutes:

Free Users should Post a Link every 3 minutes. VIP users don't have this Limitation.

Posting a Link:

Before posting a Link please Check if your link is supported, Type check sp or visit Hosts Supported.

Use your Real IP:

All users, free and VIP's must use their Real IP, or you will be Banned for using VPN or Proxy.

Don't ask for help from VIP's users:

Free users should not ask for Help to generate their links to VIP users, User who break this rule will be Banned.

VIP's Don't share your Account!

VIP users can't share their account. User who is caught breaking this rule will be Banned and also their VIP membership will be terminated.

VIP's Please Not Abuse!

Please don't abuse of VIP service. If you have any error please contact us on Skype or email us.